East 17

Letra de la canción

Don't you worry
'Cause it's alright
Don't you worry
Child of the night
'Cause in the morning come
With the new day sun
Love & everlasting light

* We are the seed
Of the new breed
We will succeed
Our time has come
We are the new
These words are true
Let the love of light shine through

It's alright it's alright
It's alright
It's really alright
It's alright
It's really alright

# Alright alright
Everything's gonna be alright
(repeat 4x)

No don't be sad
"Cause love is by your side
No don't be sad
'Cause life is too short to live
No don't be sad
I'll be mad if you're this
It's alright
The message that i give

Repeat *, chorus, #

Listen to me
Dreams can come true
Call out to love
It will answer you
Forget your troubles smile
Let your heart speak awhile
Let the light of love shine through

Repeat *, chorus

Take your nightmares
Change to dream
Flow in the rhythm
Like a steam
Fear no evil
Fear no man
Open up the mind
And the beat goes bam
Rhythm rolling
Running smooth
Just like a little love
Sent to soothe
Ease the pressure
Let it all go
Don't be afraid
Let the feeling flow

Repeat *, #(2x)

It's really alright

Letra añadida por: shemkasai (#218)

East 17
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