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Culture Club

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I PRAY es una canción de Culture Club del año 1986, este tema está incluido dentro del disco From Luxury to Heartache.


'I Pray'

When you hear them talking
Saying things that you dont understand
Just keep on walking
And tell em you dont give a damn!

Dont call me brother, I aint your brother

We need more than crime prevention
We need more than ecstasy
Well be needing police protection
Better keep your hands off me

And I pray, I pray
Ive been on my knees all day
And I pray, I pray
I hear every word you say

Take a look at that cat

Its a game they play with people
Kiss and count the enemy
I dont cry when I feel the tension
I have state security

This aint a revolution
Thats just people talking
Aint a revolution

Say, say it again

If I never get caught
Ill be here all night
Doing things I know aint right
Fifty seven dreams ago

Thats the problem if youre slow

I aint your brother

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