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Dame Tu Amor
en inglés

Alacranes Musical


Dame Tu Amor (en inglés)

Between you and me
there is a connection
just look at me caught
I fell in love a inastante

You've turned on
the flames of my heart
with just a kiss you make me fly
with your eyes and you make me dream
you are my need
as you like no other

Give me your love and a ilucion
to carry in my heart

Give me your love and your warmth
I wish cents on skin again and again

Give me your love do not you stop
Your kisses that feeds my soul

Give me your love without condition
I want you to be mine until amanesca
Give me your love

Datos de Dame Tu Amor

DAME TU AMOR es una canción de Alacranes Musical del año 2008, este tema está incluido dentro del disco Tu inspiración. Agradecemos a dorse!! por haber sudido la letra de Dame Tu Amor en inglés.