Letra de la canción

Thru my window I see the cars pass by, but I don't see you
I try to put you out of my mind
I try to close the door inside
But I just can't lose you
you've gone too far
Please don't leave me here without a trace of your affection
you've gone too far
And I'm here waiting for you
you've gone too far
you said that you´d leave but I didn´t expect such a reaction
you've gone too far to come back
I know things can go wrong

I'm always wrong when I'm with you
I just can't realize it
I know you never loved me
I know you never cared about
But don't leave me here
Now I'm just on my own
And I'm going to find you somewhere
So don't try to hide away
I´ll find you someday,anyway

Letra añadida por: Rog3r (#3.967)

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