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Force It Up


Letra, canción


'Force It Up'

Force it up inna her u see,

She say whoa me nuh dun yet, hours gone and mi cum yet, fire de
pu*** pon fire
She say lawd me dun yet, one whole day and mi cum yet, fire she
bawl fire
When me:

Force it up hard in her
Mek she feel de long cord in her
Cocky swell big and broad in her
She think a devil a de lord in her
Force it up hard in her
Mek she feel de nine yard in her
Mi sitten heavy like concord in her
Mi cocky versus her punarny war

Verse 1:
Gul stop laugh show me wha u can do
Me wan u ride me long bamboo
Gal me have no have time fi argue and me know fi sure me nar chaw u
But inna de bedroom me draw u
Inna de middle ah de night rain ah fall and mi wan u
No run me nar war u, cocky sharp like lass if u tight it it scar u


Verse 2:
Mi say gul fi get stiff cock and every gul with me
Gangsta dey want so dey pick me
Dem yah gul yah wan breed and have me pickney
So me bruk off me spear inna Britney
Eh Man whey suck pu*** sick me
And no gal outta road can't trick me
Can't gi mi no jacket and chat bout da fit me
Gul a throw love pebble and dying fi dat lick me

Repeat chorus

Repeat verses 1& 2 and chorus twice

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Force It Up



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