I know you're calling del álbum 'Burden Me'

I know you're calling

Jeremy Camp

La canción 'I know you're calling' se estrenó en 2000. Este tema está incluido dentro del disco Burden Me

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A broken image is sometimes what i see
But the hand that made me is the hand that won't leave me
You've begun a good work that only has begun
And you always lead me, lead me to your son
What i want to know everything you are
What i want to see your will for me and i know you'll show me

And i know you're calling, I see your arms stretched wide
And i feel you drawing, drawing me back again

Another day I can spend with you
You turn the pages telling me what to do
And when i feel like i want to fall again
You always lead me well you lead me to your hand
Oh what i want to know everythign you are
What i want to see your will for me
And i know you'll show me

And i know i want everything that you want for me
Help me to understand your ways
I know i want that you want for me today

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