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NEVERTHELESS es una canción de Frank Sinatra, este tema está incluido dentro del disco Sing and Dance With Frank Sinatra.



I knew the time had to come
When I'd be held under your thumb
I'm like a pawn in your hand
Moved and compelled, at your command
Whether it's for bad or for good
I would never change it if I could

Maybe I'm right, maybe I'm wrong
Maybe I'm weak, maybe I'm strong
But nevertheless I'm in love with you
Maybe I'll win, maybe I'll lose
And maybe I'm in for cryin' the blues
But nevertheless I'm in love with you

Somehow, I know at a glance, the
terrible chances I'm taking
Fine at the start, then left with
a heart that is breaking

Maybe I'll live a life of regret,
and maybe I'll give much more
than I get
But nevertheless, I'm in love with you

In spite of all I could do
I went ahead falling for you
So if I laugh or I cry
I made my bed, that's where I'll lie
For what happens there's no excuse
I put my own head in the noose

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