Jungle Rot

Letra de la canción

Murder in cold blood
Spewing from your veins
Evil to come here
Dark and tormented
Vicious screaming in
Agony as pools of
Blood surround them
Blood spills from
Their open wounds
Buries their own
Time to face the man in
The robe
Innocence, fuck you no way
Time to tell your deadly ploy
Your honor let the
Evidence show
Throat cut wide, ear to ear
Shot in the head,
Screams of fear
Bones all cracked,
Deed is done
How could someone
Cause this harmful act ?
Now confined in your
Cell, life is now
A living hell
Time grows short, hear
The tick
Now its time to die
You fucking prick


Letra añadida por: (#15)

Jungle Rot
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