El tiempo pasa en inglés


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How many times have you thought about the life I want to quit smoking
How many have you done evil acts and supplications they want taparlo
And how many times you are proud of their actions and say I will alzarlo
Well, I still once more without my pen and ink on the front of the table without

How often show their feelings out loud, but you only hear the walls
I tomb in my bed and sleep to dream poderme
Because in my dreams are fulfilled only want to chance
But I just always on the toilet crying and I want to start over
Henceforth win
Another life to get more goals
But when I wake up I'm a fish without fins in the ocean
But again the same
How many nights I cry for love
Tell me how many minutes I spent with you if you were thinking that
everything would be much better
We continue with the same
The same story is repeated again again be unimportant
your damn chess pawn.

mcrap * *

Tears of winning momentum fire that burns in this world
Life is a game where we have to fight and I think that it's never too late
Do not ever say never, do not give up when you're not a coward
You must continue more and more
There is no time machine to have a copy of

A worldwide calls for a better life to a God who does not even exist
And even though you know good times to pray for him not to get sad

I see my bed and I get to forget the whole story
Encourage the same thing again the love of my memory
And why is it curándome the thirst for glory and sympathy
I dream that my kiss between hands'M IN THE SCUM
I will come back to reality where everything is not so easy
Everything becomes black, the movement is slower, I want to be
more agile

I wear the helmets and listen to rap melancholic
That leads to a life without drinking alcohol
When all the wishes are not met in the end nothing
In case you can not save or wizards or elves, or just fairy dust
I am just one more, another rat who wants to do well, but always
gets screwed

They say he was born to revive the rap with my mind wise
But when you see me decentralized and talking with another me out rabies
Struggle every day to avoid the temptation and sin
My only concern is to make you laugh and mourn
I'm writing this song for this by announcing that the only reason that motivates me is because you are the muse that inspires me
By living among the air we breathe
As the light that illuminates my joy
To prove that I am more than you thought
Show me the light at night and day
The tomb is that my happiness and my life
As the pulse of my heart to live qu
The only reason to write
Thanks ... my diva ..

mcrap * *

I look at my window at night and can not find any star
And the day by my window the sun without you do not blink
Because it is very far from my approach
And for this cause is evident every day, because my poor anger
I go to my room, and I think I'm going to tell you that I love
that really ...
Dnia that hole I see you and me [and that really put me in this
life that do not fit] [Bis]

You are my life, my only rap sense, love miúnica move
And I am his soul cornered sac
And it is that life is not as pretty as it looks
Each has its punishment, which was looking for, what you deserve
My punishment is love, my soul it lacks
Because baby, but do not know very well I love you
And even if you do not feel that way since I get up until the darkness
this love always fight
Just say I love you more with the cure to this madness bond
That will not let me live this bitterness
Unable to be with you, always love that lasts
[And is that my love is pure and I told him that I would be able to
break down that wall that separates us
And that is not to get my hand on the pulse of my heart stops] [Bis]

If ever you realize that I love you so much
I hope you save this crying tears that song
Tucked inside this knob charm charm
You know
If you need me wait
I think if you're looking for
And finally, like it or not I love you always
Remember that I love you always
If I lecanto is for you
If the line is for you
If I write poetry is for you
If I see the sun shining is because of you
If the waste tears of fire is not able to be with you
Penmsamientos a dark day with nothing to do between founded
my pain
[For once and disappear fuck] [Bisx2]
A disappear!