Letra de la canción

We all need love...

I was just a lonley man
With my suitcase in my hand
Part of a traveling band
On the road (girl, I was always away from you)

I never needed
And my music, it was my fun
And I woke up
Late in life to regret it oh

We all need love I swear it's true
All God's children, me and you
We all need love I swear it's true
All God's children me and you

Brother, brother reach out your hand
Sister stand up stand by your man
And let them know that you'll understand
You really need him (I've always needed you yes It's true)

And sun will shine on you
Help your love to pull on through
Our life's a precious gift, my friend
Don't waste it away now
fuente: musica.com

Letra añadida por: shemkasai (#504)

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