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Frank Sinatra


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Life is dull
It's nothing but one big lull
Then presto you do a skull
And find that you're reeling
She sighs and you're feeling
Like a toy on a string
And your heart goes:
"Ring-a-ding ding,
ring-a-ding ding, ring-a-ding

How could that funny face
That seemed to be common place
Project you right in to space
Without any warning

Don't know if its morning,
night-time, winter or spring
What's the difference
Ring-a-ding ding, ring-a-ding
ding, ring-a-ding ding

She takes (grabs) your hand -
this captivating creature
And like its planned - you're in the phone book
Looking (Hunting) for the nearest preacher

Life is swell
You're off to that small hotel
And somewhere a village bell
Will sound in the steeple
Announcing to people
Love's the loveliest thing
And the bell goes:
"Ring-a-ding ding,
ring-a-ding ding, ring-a-ding

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