A Reason


Letra de la canción

Remember when
We had it all
A time so emotional - you and me
Remember when
We alughed and cried
Two of us side by side - happily

I was in love
But now I know
You never let your feelings show
- never tried
Was I a fool?
I know I was
Can't stay this way and it's because

After all of this time
Our love's no more the same
And If you want me to stay
Why don't you shout my name?

Give me a reason to stay with you
'Cause if you don't I'll find somebody new
So come on baby and find a way
If you really want me to stay
Give me a reason to love again
Or can you promise you'll be my man
So Come on darling don't make me cry
If you want me by your side

How will it end?
I'm wondering
Don't even know the state I'm in
- moody love
What could I do?
I've tried my best
You are not better than the rest
- it's enough
fuente: musica.com

Letra añadida por: shemkasai (#218)

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