Wake Up


Letra de la canción

Get on, get on
The train is still not moving
and has not gone,
get on...
I hope you've got your tickets,
so hurry on
For I can hear
the whistle it's blowing,
get on
But still there's room
for e-ve-ry-one,
get on,
Get on, get on,
move it while you still
have time to come.

Walk on, walk on
Stand for what you believe in,
and dare to go, walk on...
With Jesus your whole life
is worth living for
Though many say the whole thing
is crazy, walk on...
Without faith you will never make it,
no, walk on...
Walk on, walk on,
if other people hold back,
just you walk on.

Watch out, watch out
The road is full of traps,
so my friend watch out...
And keep in step with Jesus,
and you'll walk upwards.
For many lose their heart
and just stop, they give up...
They never seem to know
what they're doing,
give up...
Yeah they give up, give up,
they just stand there on the spot
Just like they've never been moving.

Wake up, wake up
Let Jesus have the chance
He should have had before,
wake up...
And He will prove that he is real
and that He is your friend
But excuses we all have so many
wake up...
The way we have to walk
is so narrow,
wake up...
Turn back, turn back
You got nothing to loose here man,
turn back.
fuente: musica.com

Letra añadida por: bahamut90

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