I Depend On You, Jesus


Letra de la canción

Feel's so good to be here,
Just to be here, as I am.
To sit a little moment,
And you take me by my hand
I'm feeling kind of weary and worn,
It's been hard, it's been one of those days
No matter what I did, turned out wrong,
I'm so tired, need to rest from the day.

I depend on you, Jesus//

Know it very often
That I skip that precious time with you.
Many times I use you,
As the last defence against the storm.
But tell me,
Jesus, isn't something badly wrong,
When I don't get any time to pray.
I am tied up and I'm busy as well,
All I think about is just myself.

I depend on you, Jesus//

But when I am with you,
An oasis is what I have found.
After I've been wandering,
In this desert, so much sand around.
All the strength that I have lost on my way,
Will return when I am listening to you.
I can see that I have learned something new,
Give me strength in my weary feet again.

I depend on you, Jesus//
fuente: musica.com

Letra añadida por: bahamut90

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