Double You

Letra de la canción

Uh oh no oh oh
Uh it's getting dark inside, no place to hide

You never believed in me I know
Could you baby?
You never betrayed me once before
Would you baby? (Stay with me)
But when will you show me the way
The way I can get to you
But when will you say that you can
'Cause I wanna fall in love

Stay with me baby, just stay with me
'Cause I need your love now and forever (2X)

We never had nothing but our love
You're my baby
Remember I need you like a shore
Needs an ocean (stay with me)
I want you to stay more and more
We've been through before
But how can I win your love back
Are these the words to say

Letra añadida por: shemkasai (#218)

Double You
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