Disco 'Closer' (2003) al que pertenece la canción 'I Don'n Care'

I Don'n Care

Milk Inc.


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I've got something on my mind, see
Everytime I look around me
Seems like every scrub I see
Is trying to get it on with me

They think it impresses me
The way they act so foolishly
Do they really think they've got it made?
I can see right through their masquerade

When we say nothing
They call us hard to get
When we say No
They call us names instead
They haven't got a clue
Let us spell it out for you

I don't care
I never liked you anyway
I don't care
Don't you hear me when I say
I don't care
Cause you're a total waste of time
And you'll neve ever ever be mine

Gotta get this of my ches, see
These guys really start to stress me
They should know it doesn't impress me
They've got 50cent on mp3

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