Bella´s lullaby de Crepúsculo

Bella´s lullaby Letra



'Bella´s lullaby'

You're all I want
Everything you ever dream
You are my voice, my being, my angel in the dark
Will make you kiss me I will be happy for you
Loneliness is when you are up here
Kiss makes me happy with my stay
Bella nothing fear nothing divides us
I'll be here forever take care

Bella does not go break walls
And today and together we always come here

Look at the eyes you know I love you
I just do not feel I have with my

With all my heart will be with you
Until we wake up and smile for me

Upon waking, I hear your voice filled with emotion
Sleep others see it for yourself Cantare
THE twilight hides you and I
I ask myself and my love for you will give you

Edward did not let me take me with you
I do not want to go to heaven if you can not go there

All my confidence is with you
Until the two are together until the end

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