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La Soledad Comienza en inglés



La Soledad Comienza (en inglés)

Closing his eyes were shut down the universe,
small stage curtain for so immense.
Do you need anything? Do you feel alone? no matter,
as a big heart is filled with little.

Not alone if you talk to the pillow,
suffering is the way to be active without doing anything.
getting drunk is not a substitute for the lack of company
loneliness because you filled the bottle is empty line
Like da cubatas beer, drinking alcohol is not bad,
the water is worse than if you do not kill babies.

I stopped counting obejas to sleep,
and the story I want to correct defects.
I do not trust, it's all lies,
Do you trust if you ever watch
a view that says something different?
I load my bitter agony,
very short term that sometimes feel so long.

Intimacy need all the sun makes clouds
as a curtain because they want to be alone.
billion people on earth and there are still
I walk alone in the streets by day.
Adam may have been black, Eva maybe white
I say if the color of the future, we see gray.

Emotional live in prisons for men,
Know thyself, ie feels your bars.
listen, you may be interested,
esque Mc's not the lie,
Now they want liars esque rapping.
friendship sometimes we deny there
minusculas agendas for people with few peers.

The family end up breaking
esque and left a mother to mother to another woman.
gives me great grief, the voice of the enemy we are accused,
Friend's silence condemns us ...

If you hear the notes of the music,
to do this, we may re not looking in the family,
because my soul, because the music
is the partner that I chose.

Being easy on the outside
Inside and complicated
ex-girlfriends all cut me, I'm single.
not function as an airport, which goes,
that your life does not depend on whether anyone comes or goes.
I accept that the only loneliness still liked
is dark, seventy-one call the Sole.

But I love having no partner,
The first kiss is magic,
the second intimate,
The third routine.
still hurt romances that are already history,
no love dies, only changes in the memory.

Economically things are going better
but not paid debts with money from the heart, aunt.
I travel to the moon without ships,
di astronaut steps for each of your moles.
the scent of your presence delataba savannas,
today in bed, just smacks of absence.

Seriously, get a dog is the excuse
the lonely man for a walk.
unwittingly cultivate solitude as a facility,
encerrarte at home is to give warmth,
and watering is mourn.

Erases all my songs you have,
the hard drive of your computer
does not understand the verses of the poet.
this letter was born of a scar,
there where my wound, meets yours.

Do you feel alone? best rap solo "wrong with that ... R.A.P. is something inside of me.

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