It'll Be A Breeze del álbum 'When I Pretend to Fall'

It'll Be A Breeze

The Long Winters

La canción 'It'll Be A Breeze' se estrenó en 2003. Este tema está incluido dentro del disco When I Pretend to Fall


This fall, i don't know if i survived
i woke up still on fire
are you saying i'm still alive?
i hear you whispering to me

these are pieces i didn't know i had
each a different shade of blinding
these are pieces you left behind
not the pieces that fit with mine

it'll be a breeze
is it your kisses i'm feeling?

i am a tree
build a nest in my hair
your voice appeals to me
it's exactly how i feel

i'm fading in & out
and i don't mind
i try to let you know i'm fine
and i can hear you crying

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