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::verse 1::
It's the gangsta M-E-X-I-C-A-N
Back with the rhyme that'll blow your mind that you wanna hear again
Because you can't get enough of the Brown Crowd
That is so rough and so tough
Crazy bad wicked the worst and when I'm through
When I rewind a verse
So you could go ahead and try to put me down
But I was told don't let no one get you down
And never wear a frown
It's Lil' Rob the Chicano and proud one
Competition none {beat stops}
But wait I'm not done {beat resumes}
Fuc*** it up like this especially for the Brown
So orale suvale in the Brown side of town
Don't be shy bump that shit homey
And Sir Crown why don't you mix in the oldie
The hay'll keep the shit bouncin'
I got the jealous vatos time cuz I got the hyna'z shoutin over LIl Rob
One of many Mexicano poets but not saying that I'm king
Down for the brown I'll show it cause I know it is
The Brown Crowd vida esta loco thing
And I'm the Mexican gangsta born with the badness
You think you could rap bitch
You still can't fuc*** match this
A little vato goin for the gusto
It's called the Brown Crowd just thought I'd let you know so
Listen to the sounds of the brownest and you will find
Chicano sounds are the downest
Cause we don't f*** around and that you should know
Brown Crowd with the sounds of the Brown for the barrio
Should I say I'm back or should I say that I'm still here
Sounds of the Brown is sounding good to my ear
We are getting down so you might as well admit it
And if you're talkin shit then you might as well quit it
The Mexican gangster having an oh w having fun by the night ain't done
It's time for the hit and run
But you best believe I'm Brown and proud (Brown and proud)
It's called the Brown Crowd
(Fuck yeah!)

-Chorus 2X-
Brown Crowd Chicano we're proud and proud to be Brown
Got the Brown Crowd, got the, got the Brown Crowd
Brown, Brown Crowd Chicano we're proud and proud to be Brown
Got the Brown Crowd bumpin' loud

::verse 2::
I don't usually tear this competition
But when I hear some bad ass shit I've got to represent myself better
Cause I can't let a silly sucka think he could rap betta than me
So I get up firme style that you gotta rewind
Chicano sounds are the downest you will find
When it comes to a rolla Brown Crowd controla
How do you know because Lil' Rob told ya
Comin' straight from the man with the wicked mind
All the time comin out with sick and twisted rhymes
But at the same time I got the hyna's meltin
With the crazy love, slow rappin
I got the vatos mad because I got the hyna's shoutin
I don't give a shit cause jealousy will neva quit
It never seems to amaze
All the tension I raise and for this I get paid
Ask me if I care and I'll say no
Ask me if I've changed
I'm still the same kid from the barrio
But there's one point that I have to make
See if you ask somebody shit you gotta ask me
Cause there's too many rumors going around
About Lil' Rob and the crowd is Brown
Hyna's sayin' I'm conceited but I don't need it
I'm callin you a fuc*** mensa if you want to believe it
So it's like you got your own choice mija
Without fans I wouldn't be nothin' so you know I need ya
I started rappin' now people don't let me live
Some people don't want me livin'
Their threats is what I'm given
I don't know why cause I think I'm a nice guy
Sometimes mad most of the time on my natural high
And if you know me you know that's how I am
It's called the Brown Crowd the life of this Mexican

-Chorus 2x-

::verse 3::
Back with verse three so let me kick it
I'm gonna make it quick sly slickful wicked
To let you know otra ves that I won and you lost
If you find me repeating something it's to get my point across
To get my point across, to get my point across
To all you levas who couldn't catch it
You can't match it even though you try to snatch it
A style from a lil' vatos who won't let go of a flow smooth suavacito
And to you rappers who say I can't rap
I'm passin you up with the quickness
Cause you're on my shitlist
You see I know what I'm doing ese
But only if you knew holmes what I'm gonna do holmes
Trip out as I go on with the funky flow as I flow flow flow on
I'm dropping competition to the floor
Because I got more bounce much more
So let me f*** it up for the gente
As I'm rappin' bottoms up on the Presidente
Cause there's a party in the town tonight
But am I through shit not quite
Yeah holmes the Brown Crowd's the best
This jam is called the Brown Crowd now wait for the rest

-Chorus 2X-

Lil Rob



Letra añadida por:
Hector(Hip Hop)

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