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It's, summer time and I'm, drinkin' on my driveway
It's, summer time and I'm, drinkin' on my driveway
(I'ts summer time ey, and we're drinkin' on my driveway)

[Verse 1]
Can't f*** with that hard liquor, I'm back to my cerveza
Pacifico with no lime, a six-pack, and it's showtime
Drinking in cantinas, or drinkin in my driveway
Either way it's A.T.M., a toda madre
You wanna party? Pues, caile, but B.Y.O.B.
Bring your own beer ese, and bring some for me
Don't forget about my primos, cause they all drink too
Don't forget mi's amigos, hey what you think fool?
I know you didn't think that you could kick it for free
And I know you didn't think that all the beer was on me
If you got some good yerba, then you can bring that
If you got a gang of rucas, then they can kick back
I'm always down for a drink out, don't know nothing, nothing leaks out
Can't handle your liquor, you gots to go, homeboy peace out
Drive careful, and keep an eye out for the hura
If they get ya, you never knew me, I never knew ya


[Verse 2]
Borracho, bein' macho, you bests to split
Don't ask why, just go, unless you want a fat lip
Shut up, don't say nothing, no one wants to hear that shit
No one cares what you say, do you, get the f*** on with your fit
I'm lit, hey why you wanna f*** up my high?
You blow my mind like drivin' the convertable in July
I'll drink some beers, whatever kind you wanna get me
Pacifico, Corona, Sol or Dos Equis
Let's party everyday, celebrate like Cinco de Mayo
Carnitas, frijoles, aroz, pico de gallo
Guacamole and salsa, Jose Cuervo, Cazadores, Patron, Hornitos and Sauza
Someone go get the mariachis, from down the street
Tell them not to make no plans because they ain't gonna leave
El, mariachi loco quiero bailar, y volver volver, no se van a callar

It's, summer time ey, drinkin' in my driveway
Chillin by my sixty-three (It's summer time ey)
It's summer time ey, drinkin' in my driveway
Don't you wanna drink with me? (And we're drinkin' in my driveway)
It's, summer time ey, drinkin' in my driveway
Chillin by my sixty-three (It's summer time ey)
It's summer time ey, drinkin' in my driveway
Won't you have a beer with me? (And we're drinkin' in my driveway)

[Verse 3]
Some people drinin' Bud, the others lightin' it up
I'm one of the ones lightin' it up, to liven it up
Hey, leave it to the chota, to f*** my night up
You know the party's over when the huras drive up
Attention, everybody let me make myself clear
You ain't gots to go home, but get the f*** outta here
And leave the beer, believe i'll be watchin' you too
I got friends watchin' you too, so watch what you do
I'm talkin' to you, the fool that be actin' a fool
If you know what's good for you, then you will stop what you do
I'm losin' my cool, he needs to start catchin' a clue
He's destined to lose, he's walkin' without one of his shoes
It happens all the time, why's is always happen to me?
Have people over for some beers, and then they don't wanna leave
Come back tomorrow, and don't be such a lightweight
It's summer time ey, drinkin' in my driveway


[Hook mixed in with Chorus]

Lil Rob



Letra añadida por:
Hector(Hip Hop)

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