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[Raheem DeVaughn]
H-Town women (this is so soulful right now!)
Chocolate women (this is so soulful right now!)
New York, New York women (UGK, Raheem DeVaughn)
A-Town women (Kweli)
This is for Chi-Town women (my real women)
My Midwest women! (my Midwest women)
Down South women, the West Coast women
All of my women, whoo!

[Bun B]
Now bein King of the Underground's a title I wear with pride
Like my syrup and swisha can't leave without it when I ride
Even though I'm the king of the city where I reside
I wouldn't and couldn't do it without my woman on my side
Sometimes I got it figured out, sometimes I'm confused
I win 9 times out of 10 but now and then I might lose
But no matter the road I choose and how the drama unfold
A playa always got his better half right on his shoulders
She gon' hold me down to the fullest, rainy or sunny
She seen me ball out of control and dead broke with no money
So when the game got funny, she ain't pack up and roll
She help me get back on my feet now man that's way too cold
If you got a down woman wit'chu keepin it true
Don't try to hate, appreciate her for the things that she do
This dedicated to the dedicated ladies that stand up
If you keep it real wit your man, then put your hand up, c'mon

[Chorus 2X]
This for the real women (the solid ladies and the pros)
But the real women (that play the game like they suppose)
They the real women (the Queens holdin down they Kings)
They the real women (so go on girl do yo' thang)

[Talib Kweli]
(Uhh) I'm 'bout to spoil you, show you my gratitude
I love the all of you, even your attitude
Never gonna give you black-n-blues, that's abuse I'm not that dude
Take it back to when I held yo' hand and my name became yo' back tattoo
I love the fact that you don't need me to make you whole
Doin it fast or takin it slow, you know when to let me take control
And I apologize for puttin tears inside them eyes
When I wasn't fair didn't compromise, put you in fear when I told
them lies
How I love to dive inside them thighs, I love your cockiness
Ain't gonna ask if you roll in rap, you know this right it's obvious
I'm an Underground King with a winner down Queen I'm fin' to let her know
This ain't about bling, this ain't about cream, I never let her go
We smokin love (smokin love) you know what's up (know what's up)
This for the real women, that's you? Throw it up
Cause your man's so focused you rub your lips lovin the bub cause
I open you up
You got my back whether broke or re-up in the crush limosine cause
we rollin up


[Pimp C]
Uhh, you was down from the get-go
I put it down with them silly hoes
Ridin tryin to get the dirty do'
Didn't know what my life was gon' have in sto'
'Til my karma came
And you was right there tryin to have my thangs
When the chips all fell down
You was the only one I had around
Saved my life when I was 'bout to drown
Girl you my queen, come and get your crown
Now I keep you with the nice thangs
VVS ice blings, 10-karat diamond rings
If I ain't tell you with the biz
Girl you my baby 'til the end
And I'ma treat you like a king supposed
Keep you ridin Rolls slammin matchin do's


[Raheem DeVaughn]
(Uhh) H-Town women
Chocolate women
New York, New York women
A-Town women
This is for Chi-Town women
My Midwest women!
Down South women, the West Coast women
All of my women, whoo!

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