Bif Naked

Letra de la canción

Ain't had a job in about a year.
Living down in my parents basement.
I wish that I could get outta here!
Sometimes I think I need a vacation!

Can't get my mother off my back.
She don't have far to go to drive me crazy.
Someday the bitch is gonna make me crack!
Might be the last time she calls me lazy!


I'm a let down!
Pardon me! If I'm a let down
To my family!
I'm a let down!
1-2-3 I'm a let down!
Are you like me?

And now my sister's got a fancy car.
I got a piece of shit from 1980.
But, at least, I got my two guitars
And a one-way ticket to nowhere baby!


Oh! No! No! Now, I've got a dream.
They don't understand, It won't be long.
I'm not what I seem.
See I've got a plan..


Sometime, they act like I don't exist.
Or else they treat me like I'm still eleven.
Heaven knows I can't take more of this.
I never thought I'd be 27..
And a let down!

fuente: musica.com

Letra añadida por: nermai! (#9.700)

Bif Naked
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