So Solid Crew

Letra de la canción

D-na-nar, d-na-nar ah
D-na-nar, d-na-nar ah
D-na-nar, d-na-nar ah
D-na-nah, yeah!

Harvey comin to get you for real
Blaze you, lyrically i blaze still
Erase you, mentally i stay ill
Thou shalt not kill for real
It's ill how many people got skill
worth about, i say, half a mill
Spit flows that are reel to reel
Thou shalt not kill, it's deep
Beats wanna creep
Beats bring heat
Beats are your enemies
Beats are your peeps
Pray on a enemy that's weak
Silence, never speak no heat
Realise it's the game of alites
Never hide, step forward
Seek demons nowadays will creep
feel da beats on da streets

I say get up an move [what]
You say get up an move [what]
We say get up an move [what]
Everybody say
I say get up an move [what]
You say get up an move [waht]
We say get up an move [what]
Get up an move [what], get up an move [what]

Projects, hoods an ghettos
Silhouettes, thugs move like greccos
Never owe dough, never ever in debbto
If steppo, get wetto
Never dis my peeps in da ghetto
Never letto fame get to my heado
I go back to the plain English
My wish that fuck***, can stop this shit
But i know it's reality, jealousy, envy, gluttony
Comes free, [woah]
Right now gonna repent dis
My main aim to flow an rip dis, i
Dismiss any myth, my wish, i
Thank God for the gift that i lift
True supporters that feel my drift
Harvey, stay strong when i give

Flows react, so get ready for dat
An wid da, more you catch you be bubblin' back
Won't you lure da rats, who just wanna attack
Rappin my flows, ignorin the foes, in da shows
Now move your head, listen
An don't be scared to glisten
Coz someones always up in ya mission
Claimin a position
Lookin for competition, an recognition, it's repetition
From der young days but dey still be fazed
They never know dat it's hittin dem more an more so
Dat seem to hold dem down wa blow
Continue to rap an never look back
An live n react, strictly da facts n never da chat
Livin in faith, gimme a base
Gimme a breath to pick up da pase an finish da race
But i'm livin a reality
Buildin a weak mentality
But i know what i came here for
[repeat chorus 2x]

Letra añadida por: CoRcHo (#1.296)

So Solid Crew
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