Martinis and Mixed feelings - Millionaires

Martinis and Mixed feelings


Letra, canción


'Martinis and Mixed feelings'

(M) We've been drinking tonight but we're just getting started
(A) And I've gotta tell you that we shouldn't be parted
(D) I can already see it boy, it's gonna be a party
(ALL) Cause the lights are all off & it's just you & me tonight

(M) It srtarted on that dance floor
(A) with the music really loud
(D) Lights are flashing bright
(M) as I'm dancing in the crowd

(A) You walked up & asked to dance
(D) I can't believe you took that chance
(M) Our lips met, eyes are closed
(A) & this is how our story goes..


(D) I'm falling for you
(M) as I'm falling in your arms
(A) Promise me this is real
(D) & I'm not falling for your charm

(M) Because this feeling makes me shake
(A) & I know you feel it too
(D) Boy it's not the alcohol
(M) I'm in love with you..


(M) I want you boy, to hold my hand
(D) Whisper in my ear say 'I want chu bad'
(A) Sing me the songs when we're under your sheets
(A) one thing leading to another once you kiss me on the cheek