After Party de Vybz Kartel

After Party

Vybz Kartel

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[Chorus: Marques Houston]
Welcome to my after party
Hope that you feelin' naughty
Sexy how you move that body
Got me like WHOA! WHOA! WHOA!
Welcome to my after party
Hope that you feelin' naughty
I'm leavin here with somebody
So we can do it like WHOA! WHOA! WHOA!

[Verse 1: Young Rome]
I rock Loon chains, white T's
And I drink from the bottles
Braids fresh, they crisp
Den carressin' dem models
Timbs untied, tongue hangin' lookin' exausted
Jeans saggin she asked "where's your ass"
I lost it
Askin' me how much my braclet costed
Now shortie got a young balla to floss wit
Don't touch the ?? cuz you might get frost bit
Lookin' at my chain might make you nautious
I'm in the party crunk, palmin' ya duca
Let me stand behind you and look in yur future
Mami you look right
So lets ? on the dance floor all night
Damn your blouse tight ( make it bounce)
Boy them cantalopes are ??
I'm a freak I got multiple feishes
You know, hand stand on the dance floor
Its the after party ni*** put your cash up, oh

[CHORUS: Marques Houston]

[Verse 2: Young Rome]
After me there will be no replacement {but what's that smell}
My homies' smokin' in my basement
Marques went up to my room with a freak
You can use the bed just take off my sheets
Everybody left the club headed out to my castle
Had to kick this dude out from being an asshole
Cursin' at this broad, drunk loud and staggering
Cuz she was in my ears and being so flattering
But it didn't matter cuz I was at her friend
In my driveway gettin' her number at her Benz
Now i'm walkin' through by the what you doin
Steppin on my poursalin floors lookin'at broads
Oh, everybody get your hands up
Cuz imma bad boy
I throw live parties like Puff Daddy and Loon
True playa fo' real
I don't trip when the Cristal spill
We got more playa

[CHORUS: Marques Houston]

[Verse 3: Omarion]
Mama mama game so sick
Call the doctor ring quick quick quick
The DJ's bumpin up in the club
I got two freaks puttin on a show in the hottub
It's smellin' like Bath & Body Works
Liquor on my breath, liftin' up they dress
Showin me breast, rubbin my chest
?? cigar, cuz bottomline
My after party don't stop til tomorrow

[CHORUS 2x's]

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