Amistad Que Voy A Cuidar
en inglés



Amistad Que Voy A Cuidar (en inglés)

When you see me with those eyes
I don't know what to feel...
Y don't know what to talk about
Y just think of you, my love
In your heart, When will I be part of that love so intence?
And those eyes so sweet
Wich would drive anyone crazy...

Y still love you
Like the firt time
And with mi heart I think
I feel you inside me

Those brown eyes
That you have
Light anything
That you look...uh, uh, uh

A girl in love
I am a teeneger
And I want to say, friends or not
I will always love
You'll never loose thid feeling
'Cuz Im'ma be with you..

Datos de Amistad Que Voy A Cuidar

AMISTAD QUE VOY A CUIDAR es una canción de Kudai. Agradecemos a <---vickylicious---> por haber sudido la letra de Amistad Que Voy A Cuidar en inglés.