Dis plies ni*** da new ni*** at slip n slide records ni***,
And I don't need slip n slide records to carry me homeboy,
I'm carrin slip n slide
Nigga I'm da hottest mother fuc*** ni*** in florida right nah ni***,
N da realiest ni*** in da game,
U goddamn right I said I'm da hottest ni*** in florida,
N I can prove mine ni***,
Plies take off,
Let me put you in da mind of a dope getta,
N give it to you from da level of a street ni***,
I'm a small time ni*** with a big city hustle,
N I'm da true definition of wat you call gutta,
N I can get mine or ski mines way off da mussa,
N dis year I'm a make it hard for you motha fuckas,
N if you know anything bout me you know I don't f*** with bustas,
N if you anything bout you know I keep it cutta,
I'm in a 72 dunk fo 50 fo,
I put chrome in my shit n got rid of dem oat,
N I ain no chico so I dnt ride 100 spokes,
I'm bunnin good reefer so I got da room fo,
I gotta message fo da jaick boy keep scopin,
Til you rob me ni*** pu*** ni*** you just hopin,
Dis ain't sumthing dat just happin I ben G-code,
I ben through 2 muc 2 vibe with pu*** ni*** 4 wat it shows,
I learned not 2 f*** with pu*** a long time ago,
N me n lames do even vibe u you already no,
N I ain't da future of slip n slide I'm da right nah,
N it ain no pressure on me kuz I can carry mines,
I told shay I wasn't leavin da streets wen I signed,
Kuz da hood dependin on me 2 hold em down,
N I promise myself I'll never get commercialized,
Dese crackas can't play me ni*** kuz I'm 2 street wise,
N if u ain in da street dnt try 2 give me street advise,
N I dnt f*** with you rap ni*** you tell 2 many lies,
F*** goin platnium right bah I'm chasin street dream,
I can't depend on dis rap shit I like nice thangs,
Sumthin bout dat king pin status dat amuse me,
Da only thing dat can stop me right nah dat federal inditement,
N if do cum n snatch I gotta sit,
I no da process I'm a keep my mine closer 2 da strip,
I told my brotha to promise 2 take care off my jit,
But if dem crackas dnt come I'm a lock dis rap shit,
N u can tell dese rap ni*** dat it's ova with,
Da only way dem ni*** gon get is if I'm featured on dey shit,
Wen I cut da deal with slip n slide I told em 2 hold my check,
I got my own money I'm tryna find a connect,
I'm in dade couty so show me where dem cubans,
Kuz a real hustla now how 2 make his money strech,

Ay I can make a believer out you ni***,
You ain sayin nothin homeboys, I can take off again right nah f*** ni***,
From dade county 2 duvall my music n every trap,
N if you real you gon fuk with me dats a known fact,
go way back,
A young ni*** 14 jump off da poch,
N I was da young ni*** dat all da ol crews coach,
Da same ni*** who showed me da ropes,
Dey ain got nothin else 2 live fa I'm dey only hope,
Kuz a real ni*** last 4eva f*** niggas come n go,
N gettin off first dats a G ni*** motto,
I'm on fire right nah ask nah right ni*** 4 help,
Nigga I no I can stay n da paint my mother fuc*** self,
I'm 1 of da few ni*** out ya left I put up a bird on my mother
fuc*** self,

Ay we cud run dis motha fucka bac dawg,
I'll stay n dis bitch all night my ni*** 2 prove 2 u niggas,
Dat I'm da trillest ni*** n dis shit right nah,
N if u dnt believe me come c bout me dawg.