Three Parchae Letra y Canción

Imago Mortis

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THREE PARCHAE es una canción de Imago Mortis del año 2002, este tema está incluido dentro del disco Vida - The Play of Change.


'Three Parchae'

[Enter three persons, each one dressed in White, Gray and Black.
One by one, they recite their terrible speech and leave.]

White one said to me how thin my life supposed to be
Gray one called it delusion
White one said that I suffer from a doomed disease
Black one called it salvation and sin

White Gray Black spinners of this vulgar fate
The thread of life is not broken yet
I defy you to rewrite your lines
Redefine my part, rearrange all this play

Why me?
Why me?

[Beautiful enough, Moon arises.]

Why, sister Moon?
Why do paint my fate so gray?
Why, Three-in-one?
Do reduce me to this play?

[Moon invites witches.]

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