Candye Kane

Letra de la canción

Hey Mister! You sure look cute.
Greasy hair, and that slick zoot suit,
but the one I want is by your side,
She was my baby last night.
Hey Mister! You sure can glide
across that dance floor, smooth and wide
but there are some moves you haven't tried.
She was my baby last night.

I know she won't admit it,
but she spent all night with me.
If you can't keep her busy mister,
you might as well set her free.

Hey Mister! She looks content,
and we both know she's heaven sent,
but look out! when she's out of sight,
She was my baby last night.

I know you don't believe it.
That a girl could steal her heart,
but cheek to cheek when the lights are low
another couple torn apart.

Hey Mister! She looks real fine
but I'm not standing far behind,
cuz out of sight is out of mind,
she was my baby last night.
fuente: musica.com

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Candye Kane
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