Inna Mi Bed



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Intro (Bay-C)
Left, right gal march in
Pon mi riddim girls keep dancing
3, 4 gal want bring friends fi bruk out pon the bad riddim (x2)

Any gal wha put a foot in a mi bed tonight
She better know say sump'n a go dead tonight (x2)

Rudeboys done know the flex from a gal a undress and a expose the
breast then a murder
Could a hair dresser, bank teller, I no really matter from she drop
in a me complex a murder
Bet yuh Granny impress by the thing we posses jus pass the latex fi
the murder
So put me to the test, me a the best of the best when it come up to
sex me a murder


Verse2 (Bay-C)
By the hook or the crook gal haffi get jook
Wuss thing whole night she me a look
Now me have her a catch on to the talk man a fling, Ramada Inn
me a book
Over 18 virginity took
Thief boy gal like me was a crook
Gal better run cause me a feed pon Guinness and roots plus steam
fish a cook Â…so wha


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