Skye Sweetnam

Letra de la canción

Lost in my mind
Where the path is hard to find
I'm captured by the
dark (I'm trapped in an
Left on my own
The world empty and alone
In an eternal sleep
(You've come awaken me!)

Through the battle and the glory
You're the hero in my story
Shining brightly,
You are my superstar
You're my light,
you're my torch
You are my guide through the dark
Shining brightly,
You are my superstar
Yeah, yeah

you tore down my walls
you fought your way inside
wrapped tightly around
me (And carry me to
Whisper in my ear
So only I can hear
Your hands will hold me
tight (On my piece you
will find!)


Shout out
the negativity
Shout out
All the nightmares underneath
You are
The reason why I'm free!

you're afraid to lose my voice
All I hear is a loud noise
You breathe it into me
(You hear when no one's
You know this song
You're the only harmony
When I've lost my melody
You sing it back to me!

Chorus x2

Letra añadida por: StHefyNiCè™ (#2.808)

Skye Sweetnam
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