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This day- don't carry no backbiter
Don't carry no informer
Don't carry no vampire
Now run ya name

Sup'm ago happen tonight
Man I bun corruption and confusion and bun dem dutty life
Sup'm ago happen tonight
Righteousness DAVID HOUSE
Haffi invite
Sup'm ago happen tonight
Yute dem say JUSTICE dem chanting fa equal rights
Sup'm ago happen tonight
Yute unno get up, stand up and fight alright CHO

So me tell david house a dem to pass me SUP'M
Now the wicked man head we ago blast it SUP'M
Some bwoy they want fi living in the dark fi NOT'N
Dem a roar and the dog ago bark fi NOT'N
Dem no know bout scared nor bossy SUP'M (?)
Dem no know about ganja nor carafe SUP'M (?)
Dem no know bout fire in Iraqi SUP'M
Dem INFORMA don't ask me NOT'N
King step up inna de place and know the path fi OP'N
Dem a wave for the king to come start a SUP'M
When de king touch de stage I be a torch or SUP'M
Evil man and evil woman get scorched fi NOT'N
George Bush and Tony Blair no haffi ask fi NOT'N
Long time people blaze dem a blast fi NOT'N
Dem a search and can't find de weapon of mass DESTRUCT'N
Whitehouse and pentagon get scorched fi NOT'N
Brooklyn, Vatican get scorched fi NOT'N
EU, G8, get torched fi NOT'N
Global warming, ice age get torched fi NOT'N
Nuff bwoy go burn the beast and take it back fi NOT'N
King Selassie I a dah first and him the last fi NOT'N
Ruler of the universe come ask me SUP'M
Nuff bwoy he ago sit dung inna class fi NOT'N
Dem go dis the education and no pass fi NOT'N
So the yute dem say they ready fi go ask me SUP'M
And dem tell me say that they inna
From the other day me get bout 40 SUP'M
See the tree and them head mi a mash it SUP'M
Swear to god you wouldn't want to cloud mi SUP'M
Cuz if dem cloud then they jeep ago part n OP'N
Nuff a youth them say they in but they nah see NOT'N
And dem tell me say that the inna and then they nah see NOT'N
Straight up front the woman dem a flash me SUP'M
Ya dis King Selassie I'mma ride a SUP'M
Dis Emmanuel mi ago scorch or SUP'M
Dis Queen Amega me pop the SUK'R
If they dis Marcus Garvey me RRRRR
Bigga Judgement again the one ya name

Sup'm ago happen tonight
Man I bun corruption and confusion and bun dem dutty life
Sup'm ago happen tonight
Tell dem say confusion and corruption
Nah go invite
Sup'm ago happen tonight
Jump all over the place and say fire haffi fire haffi light
Sup'm ago happen tonight
Sup'm ago happen Sup'm ago happen

More later

Letra añadida por: CoRcHo (#1.296)

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