Jang Nara

I couldnt bear to look at you leaving
So I pretended to be asleep and turned my head but..
I let you go without even a last farewell but..
Good bye, I tell you with my heart: I hope you are happy..
I dont think I can let you go with a smile

I know you can't get back to me
I love so I say good-bye
Now the past exciting days are gone
I say good-bye

Its good that you left in the dark night
Because you cant see my shaking shoulders

I konw you can't get back to me
I love so I say good-bye
The past exciting days....

I stand behind you but I know you are looking at me right now
With a low voice you say that you're sorry
Then the door opens..

I wont ever forget all the things you've done for me
Now the past exciting and fluttering days are gone
I say good-bye

Jang Nara

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