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ALL AMERICAN AMERICAN es una canción de WWE.


'All American American'

Check one two, aw yeah!
Check the {ish} out

I got you, where I want you
Your clock's run out of time
Cause you know I know you, and I'll show you
That the heat you feel is mine
Yeah fear's gripped you, and it ripped you
And you question what is true
So, consider me your preacher
come to explain it all to you

Get on your knees!
Get down on your knees!
I'll bring you to your knees!
On your knees!

That bead of sweat betrayed you
Like all the lies that made you what you are
A politician
All talk but no conviction
Always certain with no reason
A rotten fruit sold out of season
Now I've come for your confession
and to punish your transgression

On your knees!
I'll get you on your knees! Yeah
I'll bring you to your knees!
Ow on your knees!

C'mon! That's it that's it!
Down on your knees!

{*guitar solo*}

On your knees! Yeah!
The heat you'll feel is mine! Ahh!
I'll bring you to your knees!
The heat you feel is mine! Ahh!
The heat you'll feel is mine!
I'll bring you to your knees!
Go! Go, go~! Go! Go!

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