Babilonia - Zoé | Reptilectric

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Babilonia (en inglés)

I give Word of honor
Everything what I am Rock
asks you Not absolutely at al
l For Capsule of peace God's
Flour Spoon of loves
Babylonia of my thought Sham
of your perversion Pantomime
of an obscure night Jam of your being
Incrustada like skin(leather)
And I go With my resistol
Walking towards you Sticking
the free pieces in my life
Only mia I Want to have you
only mia to teach(show) my
watermelon to you And protect you forever
Babylonia of my thought

Datos de Babilonia

BABILONIA es una canción de Zoé, este tema está incluido dentro del disco Reptilectric. Agradecemos a -Gabriella(L) por haber sudido la letra de Babilonia en inglés.