Deeds of Flesh

Letra de la canción

Arriving on a scene
Of ultimate atrocities
They can't believe
It's a cannibal army of fifty
Relief soon turned
To a feeling of madness
That family and friends
Has been butchered

A clan of Mutinous humans

Now shackled and chained
Take revenge for their savagery
Beaten, whipped, and stoned
While being dragged
Down the road

To execute the anthropophagi

The crowd hungry for their death
Strikes a terror
We see in their eyes
Blind then for torture
Bind then to the rack
Out the innards
Let then
Bleed to death
But not too fast

Feel the pain you have caused us
On your last day suffering
The women watched their men's lives
Be diminished
Then perished by flame
In a cremating decay
The notorious legacy ends
fuente: musica.com

Letra añadida por: xdeathx (#25.508)

Deeds of Flesh
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