Deeds of Flesh

Letra de la canción

Pulled from our homes
We've committed no crimes
We don't know why
Stolen and incarcerated
The red army marches us out like pigs

Onto trains like creatures
Of some unknown plague
For days we travel
To an unknown land

A frozen world without end
A pure dehumanizing hell
Physically and morally abused
We huddle together like slaves
In the galleys of old
Cold & hungry

Descending into tales
Of a forever destroying genesis

Where the depth of human
Depravity has no bounds
Our final destination
An unbearable existence

Thrown into black mines
My mother and sister
Raped daily while I'm blind
I can only hear their cries

By night, we live off scraps
To keep us working for a
Master who will never look
Upon us with his own eyes
We are doomed and will never
Know what it is to be free

Letra añadida por: xdeathx (#25.486)

Deeds of Flesh
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