The Sun Drenched In Mud


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I'm really sorry that you left me
Wish you could still breath around me

I know the pressure's been too intense
Made you deaf and blind to the evidence
My faith is nailed to the forehead
Values trapped within my pride
I could never be baptized in fear
So I wanna sing this to your face
It's my will, let it take place
I'm not about to give pigs the sun drenched in mud

I just thought you'd stick around now
Whether you could change me or not, yeah

I've made my mistakes I know it,
How could they ever threaten our wholeness?
Without you I'm all but complete
Greater flaws will diminish with age
If I was meant to walk upon your heels
Every single thing would have been in vain
So I've got to follow who I am
I'm not about to give pigs the sun drenched in mud

There's a memory of a smile
Pure and sound as your embrace
So if you try to turn that knob
You'll find that the door still opens
'Cause I'm still around to give you
A chance to know me