Everybody Knows My Name feat Chalie Boy



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Everybody Know My Name
(Uh Chamillitary Mayne)
Knockin bitch niggas out the flame

Lil mama I'm fly (I'm fly)
I'm throwed (I'm throwed)
Ya ain't seen a playa like me befo'
Real niggas recognize, that bitch is (?)
I trap twenty minutes hit the mall and brought a shop
Lil buddy I'm row (I'm row)
I show ass (I show ass)
Got a lot of toys cause a nigga play with cash
Swangs drops on glass, truck got beat
F*** a strip club I make it rain in the street

No bumping, cause I'm packing
Ridin' 4's till them hoes start clacking
Police try jack ya I show ya what's happening
This one season and my whole squad trapping
Blessed outta made it, dressing the ladies
Question all the haters they claiming that they the greatest
Reading two slow you ain't on the same pages
Step ya game up, cause your boys OUTRAGEOUS!
Breaking out CAGES, stacking big faces
Straight, we ain't call em, all you losers disgraces
Tighten up your lace and poppin' bottles by the cases
Rollin' hard jaw liken like I got braces

I'm fly (I'm fly)
I'm throwed (I'm throwed)
I'm coming down on a set of new 4's
Grippin' that oak with my Diamonds Exposed
Back in the streets I'm in Underground Mode

Kill a career with a verse, I show up at the funeral
Trunk poppin' my beat knockin' yeah D.T.P. in like Luda do
Better have my money baby, cash would be what suitable
Cause yo head is like the top that's on my drop removable
My naked lady she a clown but they say jackers try'na find her
I pull out that ragged shiner now my lady looking finer
Underground we gotta eat, let me take you to the diner
Paint syrup that's Aunt Jemima it's like she my new desinger
I got doe but it's a curse, get girls but money worse
They say you can't take it with'cha so I put a safe in a herse
Candy skirt goin make em hurt, man I better go get the work
I swang down my driveway and then I "ERR" and hit reverse
Koopa, yep I'm still the man, still the man that a still the man
I still the man like the Estella's fan
And you out of bounds like you Moreno Dan
I be getting that green baby, boy seems like they mad at that
Every time I grab a stack I'll look just like a Cabbage Patch

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