Letra de la canción

Fire surrounds the landscapes,
coldness surrounds the glares.
In a stormy gate of wondering.
My heart it will be,
sorrowed in winterly platforms,
ringed and sung to flames.
Rested on the flyness,
stillnessless winged within shall...

Remember the change of nebular,
remind the shape of the shore,
Quested the arms of metal.
Sorrow, a hord of worms.

Let the dying fly away,
spoken in twilight there sent...
a giant.

A giant.

Sorrow creeps on my soul,
darkness goes out wiht my throne.

Higher mountains cast on my blest skepter,
over a hord of wrath they sorrow.
Leaking through a nasty blind wind.
Demon wings frozen by angels.

Demons beaten by angels.

The wrath of Lord's sorrow
but over a hord of wrath.

The fear of Satan's wrath,
being beaten by Jeovah.

Letra añadida por: Armagedda Doom Occulta (#7.275)

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