Alex Campos

Letra de la canción

Do not be afraid of, the wall clock, always check the hours
tu nia ± o has grown, now a man is one who wears your birth
Muí ± ecos paper aste teach me to grow up, singing at sunset.

Tarte mom makes me, the time has come, a new world live
deliveries at the altar, which was a great man, your dream of
raising women
but I go away, remember this mother, your child I will always

Although the day seems darker
just preparing for a new dawn
and when you're alone, remember that alli estare
September 10 as that when I was born.

remember that time when I first step, always trying to run
the clock has not stopped, it appears that speed, today marks the
time of giving
the sun has set, the night ahead, a new covenant live

Mom makes me late ...
although the day ...
fuente: musica.com

Letra añadida por: Keila Rubi (#7.287)

Alex Campos
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