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She got her hands all on her knees and then her bows on her thigh
She like to twerk and that's for sure cause I can tell how she fly
She got me hyper, wanna bite right now yi yi

[Verse 1]
Look at shawty snap, make that ass clap
Niggaz in the club spendin dubs when it's PHAT
Thick and real fine, standin five-nine
High heels on, right on time
God Damn look at shawty she makin that ass jiggle
I like the way it wobbledy wobbledy when it wiggle
Anybody down for my nursery rhyme riddle
Some of these hoes be for the creamin in the middle

[Verse 2]
She shakin ass and gettin paid because she makin her cheese
She ain't scared to get on the flo' to show her ass and titties
If she doin it quite right I might just give her fifty
I be drankin Hennessy so I'm down to tipsy
I know them hoes in the club they ain't twerkin for free
If she dancin like she should she'll make her money
I like them freaky ass hoes twitchin asses for me
Ahhh shit that's it so I'm so I'm spendin my cheese

[Hook] - 2X

[Verse 3]
Jummy club let me see ya I YI YI
Blue flame let me see ya I YI YI
Magic City let me see ya I YI YI
Body Chap let me see ya I YI YI
Jazzy T's let me see ya I YI YI
Club Pleeders let me see ya I YI YI
School Hoes let me see ya I YI YI
And if you ain't twerkin BITCH BY YI YI

[Verse 4]
Shawty let me see ya shake it on the flo' butt-naked
Show-stoppin pussy-poppin; damn I like the way you take it
Up and down, side to side, round and round, touch the ground
There you go, now you know, how you gotta make yo cash flow
Put them poles touch them toes, let me see that ass roll
All in the booty club, shawty shake it for the dub
High as a kite, so I'm might, stick yo' ass a lil' somethin
Make that pussy pull a blunt!

[Hook] - repeat 2X

[Verse 5]
Hoes shakin ass like a real freak
Tryin to get the motherfuc*** ends meat
Don't be tryin to motherfuc*** tease me
Cause I'm bout tipped on the Hennessy
But I still give you a dub doe
But you gotta shake that ass hoe
Work real hard for the cash flow
Bring yo ass to the dance flow

[Verse 6]
One time for them bitches at that gentlemen's club
Them bitches shakin ain't no fakin and they came to buy dubs
Them niggas hatin steady waitin so we can't come back
I'm on this track up out this here while she work that cat
Pussy poppin shawty droppin say she gone get blowed
She a average everyday government cheese hoe
F*** them niggaz who dem niggaz that be hatin on the guys
They in the club with them thugs screamin I YI YIIII

[Hook] - repeat 2X

Ying Yang Twins



Letra añadida por:
Hector(Hip Hop)

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