Perdedores Hermosos Letra



Perdedores Hermosos (Letra/Lyrics)

The cracked paint on the ceiling
Laughter when you’re feeling
Really dead inside.

Gary comes with marianne
Julie brought sin with his susan
They say don’t hide

Muffle voice is on the t.v.
In your car, you see just tea leaves
Take a look inside
What do you see?
What do you see?

See, beautiful losers
Lovely, lovely losers
Just you and me
See, beautiful losers
Lovely, lovely losers
Just you and me.

Well we spit blood while we’re laughing
Leave all our lies for nothing
Just like the sea.

We’re moving while we’re dying
Laughing while we’re crying
Yeah, you and me

And david cries for caroline
And julie she waste all her time
Just on shooting star

I just lie and meditate
Then i smash and curse and hate
The whole damn farse.

(cause we are)
Beautiful losers
Lovely, lovely losers
Just me and you
Beautiful losers
Darling, darling losers
My song is true.

Datos de Perdedores Hermosos

PERDEDORES HERMOSOS es una canción de Sumo. Agradecemos a emiliano-r por haber sudido la letra de Perdedores Hermosos.