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I'm Up feat Jim Jones Letra



'I'm Up feat Jim Jones'

Swear It Wasn't Me [x3]

Do U Get It From Your Mammy?
Damn,We Can Take A Trip To Miami
Tear Da Roof Off Take Flicks By The Land,B.
Marcialago Seats With The Auto Marble Piece
(Ballin!)Dont Tell Yo Moms About Me,
She Aint Gonna Like That You Involved With A G,
I'll Tell You What,
Better Yet, Meet Me Uptown,
Top Down,
I'll Show You The Ropes While We Speeding Around

You Gonna Make Me,
Something Above The Meter,
It's Kinda Crazy,
Feel Like I Dnt Need U,
Up On The Dancefloor Like Im Pushin A Seisure
Damnit Ya Faze Me, I'm About To Re-Up

I'm Up On The Things You Do,
I'm Up On Ya Little Moves,
Every Chick In Here Wanna Get A Piece Of You