1st infantry-Backwards - Mobb Deep

1st infantry-Backwards

Mobb Deep

Letra, canción


'1st infantry-Backwards'

(Verse 1):
I Don't wanna Wow
I Just wanna chill but yet
and still getting confronted
by ice grills
Learn When I Hit Em Wit, Heat Incospicuous
Stunt Just A Little Bit, Stop We
Gonna Finish This Shit
You Little Run Around Snot Nosed
I Laugh With A Cold Grin, I
bet You Wanna pose
You Fuckin' with a ni***
who done been through the
Niggas die beside me, Close
Friends Turnin Grimey
Wifey, Bonin Assiociates
Hate A Simple Bitch Add It All Together
You Know Who You Fuckin' Wit
A Nigga Who Could Give A F*** If He Broke
Give A F*** What He Tote
Got The Drop then Blow
Yousa A Scared Nigga tryin ta Live
Yellow Back and Shit
Yousa A Real Good Actor
You Click Actresses
The Fact Is Niggas grew stripes
for tryin to master dis
Havok's the total Package,
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Knock A Nigga of his axis

Push (twist) ya cap backwards
Real Niggas handle
Beef when its on Dun
Lick off If Have To
Niggas play Gangsta
Real Niggas Play Low
Playin' The Background
F*** Around And Get Smacked Yo

(Verse 2):
Hey Yo I Love It
When These Niggas Think Of
Something Sweet With P
Love It When People Doubt Me
Love It When You Niggas Write Songs Bout Me
I Love Confrontation
Love It When A Nigga That
Don't Rap, Be Hatin'
Love It When They Think Its
Only A Song A Fakin'
Love To See Their Face, With My Gun Bangin'
And I Love For Us To Bump Into
Each Other On The Humble
Ya Niggas Are Stabbing
My Niggas Will Buck You
Yall Niggas Flaggin'
Yeah We Got One Too..Infamous
I Heard You Screaming Our Name
What Up Wit You?
Let Me Explain Something
We The Worlds Most
Ya Rap Niggas
We Do This Shit For Real Loc, Listen
I'll Knock Your Hustle Down Kid
Yousa A Fraudulent Ass Nigga
I'll Murder You, Bitch
I Would Love To Watch You Bleed
And Take Your Last Breath
Give You Pain,And Let You Get
Aquainted With Death, BOY

(Chrous Till Fade)
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