Bishop Allen

The hills are like the hands
Of a bare knuckled boxed after a hell of a fight
And i can understand how they'd make you read the bible
Out in the cold cold covered night
And I'm singing along to the hallelujah songs
It keeps me awake as I drive on and on

East Kentucky hallelujah radio

I get a cup of coffee from the truck stop diner,
Bitter, black and burning my tongue.
And I'm joining in again with the hound-dog choir,
Howling with the best of my lungs
My head is a box, it's got nothin' in it
I sing about salvation and
Believe it for a minute

East Kentucky hallelujah radio
East Kentucky hallelujah radio

These hills are like the head
Of a bare knuckle boxer of long after the end of his career
These jagged little towns and the people that live in them
Lord, what ever made them end up here?
And this music they play is keeping them safe
i can't believe how good it is
It almost makes me want to stay

East Kentucky hallelujah radio
East Kentucky hallelujah radio
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Bishop Allen

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