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Verse One – Suffa
Let me introduce myself, raise them beers,
Suffa MC, been doing this for more than ten years,
Ever since I was a youngster, I brought the funk for
The love, and for the party people to get drunk to,
Since back in the day we've been the major crew,
When I step on the stage it's like De Ja Vu,
Years of performing, years of practice,
Respect from my peers, my girls tears on the mattress,
Every time that we went on tour,
And she was left behind feeling insecure,
But she needn't worry; I wasn't chasing a girl to rock right,
I was chasing the warm glow of a spotlight,
City after city, state to state,
We were just three mates rocking beats and breaks,
So if you made it to a Hoods show to check the style,
You get much respect, you made it all worthwhile.

Verse Two - Pressure
Let me introduce myself, raise them beers,
Pressure MC, been doing this for more than ten years,
It's been a long road I'm glad I stayed on track,
A dream of making raps, and getting played on wax,
It seems that faking jacks want to cause my demise,
Along the way wouldn't give me play but
couldn't stop the course of my rise,
Now of course the sky's the limit, we fly get with it,
You ain't underground, that's because you dig it,
It took infinite skills and hard work to get this far jerk,
Look me in the face, now I'm the one who wears a smart smirk,
It wasn't all negative, took the good with the bad,
Us falling will never happen, like catching the Hoods in drag,
In orderly fashion I'm thanking those who supported me,
Wouldn't be where I'm standing if they hadn't have fought for me,
From a nothing rep, now we live busting sets,
So if you own a Hoods album you get nuff respect.

Verse Three - Suffa
Let me introduce myself, raise them beers,
Suffa MC, been doing this for more than ten years,
We've been through a lot to perfect this art,
When Next left the group it near broke my heart,
But then Debris stepped up as the DJ,
A super team spearheaded by PJ,
Chasing dreams like Fats chasing punani,
It's all about the culture, never been about the money,
But we had to watch people trying to take advantage
Of us, trying to damn near rob us,
We got slowed down by dodgy contract offers,
But it would take a nation of millions to stop us,
We got our propers, paid our dues in triplicate,
Ripping it, till other crews were insignificant,
I've stayed true, never made myself a hypocrite,
Trust me, I'm wise I got the certificate.

Verse Four – Pressure
Let me introduce myself, raise them beers,
Pressure MC, been doing this for more than ten years,
Yeah we made it far, through beats pumping and flows,
My bro Rated R props for being the drunkest at shows,
And support from my mates who fought for the stakes,
Of Oz hip-hop, props to record stores, I bought from their crates,
You see talking it takes less than walking the stakes,
So put your money where your mouth is and stop flaunting as fakes,
For those who stuck by me over time I put yours over mine,
Don't have to speak your names you know my mind,
In this simple game of respect it's given as it's taken,
Been given props, now respected tracks is what I'm making,
Shouts to everyone I met on tour,
It's our hip hop ladies and gentlemen let's keep it pure,
So here's another LP from the Hoods to crank to,
Hope you dig the rest of this album people I got to thank you.

Hilltop Hoods



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alan jonas x.

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