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HÉRIDA es una canción de Supernova.


Hérida (en inglés)


Jump, jump, jump, jump, jump, jump, jump, jump.

I realize that it hurts less when there is faith
I realized that everything can change with love
I wish I could go back, perhaps no more in you
I ask you to understand
I ask you time to start
I wish I could grow, I wish I could sing
Mourn to see me fall
But I stand again
And a second later
Leave the fears in a drawer
I come back to God
And then back to me


You want me to do for me?
Wound, bullet wound
Is killing me the way you love
Wound, wound of love

You're looking for a war
leaving an imprint on my heart
You're nailing a thorn
that leaves a wound in my heart
Which way is better
Which does not make you suffer
How do you understand
I do not know
and unless you

I wish I could go back
Let sit on a time clock running
And see what happens between the two
Look unreclaimed
Love without love
I would go back
Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh

Chorus x 2


Sometimes I feel sad
A little tired
And as if our own love
We are more and more away
Scenarios depress me
And the lights blind me
Do you think this is easy for me?
You think that for that alone
if not more than you have?
I think not ...
I think not ...

(Musical Interlude)

Ah Ah Ah

The Chorus is repeated until the end.

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