Letra de la canción

First love, do not let me go further
I'm going to sleep, with you till dawn
Wake before sunrise, you know
that there is no one to love you as I do
No no nooo ninth
Amame mas, do not forget to breathe
love me like that, with your madness and heat
You know you're the first in my
As you know I can not leave love on your side
Amame mas
Day after day, I'm with you
Day after day, you're always mine
Night after night, I even yours
tu y yo, tu y yo
Nothing could separate us .. (x 2)

Dawn covered in my bed without you
with your mouth, not your eyes, without your laughter,
without your kisses without your crazy desire to love my
to me, I worried that maybe no
a day pass and you do not see
I am calm, I am calm
I am thinking of you

Chorus (x 3)

Day after Day
night after nochee
tu y yo, tu y yo
Nothing could separate us.

The Chorus is repeated until the end.
fuente: musica.com

Letra añadida por: Thiare Scarlet ! :$ (#18.364)

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